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27 May 2021 - Starting on 14 Jun 2021, we'll publish API documentation for our stable endpoints only.

Stable endpoints have always been fully supported, and we have been committed to minimizing changes to them so that your integrations don't break when upgrading to newer versions of Compute.

Starting with our next release (codenamed Iverson), we'll further enhance how we support our API with versioned endpoints. All stable endpoints will be versioned. Versioned endpoints will be supported for the current release and the previous two releases (that is, Console will serve all three versions). When you upgrade Compute, integrations can still access the endpoints from previous releases, so you can expect integrations to remain fully functional after upgrades, with full support across three major release cycles.

26 Apr 2021 - Starting with 21.04, the Compute API docs are hosted on

26 Apr 2021 - The porting guide, which summarizes changes to the API that could impact your integrations, is now also hosted It can be found here.

26 Apr 2021 - Starting with 21.04, an OpenAPI 3.0 spec file is available for the Compute API. You can download the spec file directly from the Console UI under Manage > System > Utilities.